Ensuring Stable Supply of Rare Electronic Components to Maintain Uninterrupted Operations of Your Production Lines.

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Our Advantage

  • Quick Quote
  • 365 Days Quality Guarantee
  • Obsolete Parts Supply
  • Global Presence And Supply

Quick Quote

Swiftly responding to your needs, our "Rapid Quotation" feature utilizes an efficient supply chain to provide precise quotes for urgent projects and large-scale production. From components in small quantities to larger ones, this service streamlines decision-making, saving you time and boosting business progress.

Customer voice Ella Williams
"When handling intricate and large-scale parts procurement, They quickly customize solutions and provide quotes. Their rapid responses and customer-centered service exemplify their consistent punctuality and precision. I strongly recommend their services for such complex procurement needs."

365 Days Quality Guarantee

Our commitment to excellence shines through "365-Day Quality Assurance." With round-the-clock support, rigorous quality checks, and comprehensive post-sales assistance, we prioritize your satisfaction and confidence. Choose us for worry-free partnership in building a reliable future.

Customer voice Samuel Johnson
"Xecor's top-notch post-sales service stands out. Their efficient communication minimizes unnecessary calls and emails. The extended parts quality assurance adds confidence. Engaging with them guarantees a seamless, high-standard experience, making them a preferred choice for electronic components trading."

Obsolete Parts Supply

We guarantee continuous production with "Uninterrupted Production Supply." Offering rare and obsolete components from reliable sources, our expert team customizes procurement solutions to match your needs. Count on us for authentic originals and top-tier quality components.

Customer voice Melokuhle
"I have purchased outdated electronic components from this Japanese company on five occasions and they have solved the problem for me in a timely manner. If I want to buy obsolete or scarce parts, Xecor would be my first choice because they have a strong supply chain system that ensures uninterrupted production."

Global Presence And Supply

Operating globally, our multi-lingual team provides personalized care to every customer. Our expansive global supply chain ensures access to diverse resources, catering to various demands. Regardless of your location, our dedicated and efficient supply chain support ensures stability and excellence.

Customer voice Melokuhle
"Even though we are a business located in South Africa, they are still able to provide us with a perfect product supply service in the shortest possible time. xecor is our most trusted partner and a good friend."

Featured Electronic Components

  • MT41K512M8RH-125:E


    DRAM Chip DDR3L SDRAM 4Gbit 512Mx8 1.35V 78-Pin FBGA

  • Brand:Micron Technology
  • Package/Case:FBGA-78
  • RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant
  • XGL4030-222MEC


    2.2uH ±20% 7A 1616 Power Inductors ROHS

  • Brand:Coilcraft
  • Package/Case:1616 (4040 Metric)
  • RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant
  • 0900LP15B0063E


    Ceramic Filters Low Pass 900MHz 0.9dB 50Ohm SMD 8Pin T/R

  • Brand:Johanson
  • Package/Case:SMD-8P,1.2x2mm
  • RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant
  • DLW43MH201XK2L


    Common Mode Chokes Dual 200uH 100kHz 0.11A 4.5Ohm DCR SMD T/R Automotive AEC-Q200

  • Brand:Murata
  • Package/Case:1812 (4532 metric)
  • RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant
  • Z0805C420APWST


    Ferrite Beads Chip 42Ohm 25% 100MHz 4A 0.008Ohm DCR 0805 T/R

  • Brand:Kemet
  • Package/Case:0805 (2012 metric)
  • RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant
  • 302-S101


    Conn Shrouded Header (4 Sides) HDR 10 POS 2.54mm Solder ST Thru-Hole

  • Brand:On-Shore Technology, Inc
  • Package/Case:Plugin
  • RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant

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QC System

With a robust QC system in place, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and operational excellence to support your business. Our foundation is built upon meticulous processes, unwavering attention to detail, and advanced equipment, ensuring not only authenticity but also elevated quality inspection standards.

  • External Visual Inspection
    External Visual Inspection
  • Key Functionality Testing
    Key Functionality Testing
  • Decapsulation
  • Acetone Testing
    Acetone Testing
  • Electrical Performance Testing
    Electrical Performance Testing
  • X-Ray Inspection
    X-Ray Inspection



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