• LED Smart Lighting Solution

    Tags: Automation September 18, 2023

    LED Smart Lighting Solution

    From a strategic perspective of social and urban development, enhancing the intelligence and informatization of lighting facilities is crucial. This not only enables scientific management and energy efficiency but also contributes to cost savings and enhances the city's image.

  • Intelligent Motion Control Solution

    Tags: Automation October 08, 2023

    Intelligent Motion Control Solution

    Outstanding motion control, advanced sensing, and deterministic connectivity make intelligent manufacturing possible. Intelligent motion control integrates precise feedback, advanced detection, high-performance control, and seamless connectivity technologies to provide deterministic motion solutions, enabling highly flexible and efficient manufacturing processes.

  • Industrial Automation Power Solutions

    Tags: Automation October 08, 2023

    Industrial Automation Power Solutions

    Typical modern industrial processes require various industrial power solutions, including high-power AC/DC and DC/DC converters, as well as industrial UPS systems.