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We are a global electronic components trading company based in Japan, dedicated to providing exceptional services to enterprise clients. We take pride in our commitment to pursuing excellence in quality and efficient delivery. With years of development and accumulation, we have secured a leading position in stable supply chains and market resources. This enables us to respond swiftly to the diverse electronic component needs of enterprise customers.

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Why 1+ Million Users Rely on Xecor Leading Electronic Components Search Engine

Xecor delivers precise and complete data for millions of electronic components in a format that makes finding and comparing parts seamless. Availability, technical specifications, and reference designs should be transparent and easy to locate and comprehend. It helps simplify processes and make fast decisions for engineers and buyers.

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Main Business Fields

Our products find extensive applications in:

  • Communication Networks and Interconnected Devices
  • Automotive and Transportation Sectors
  • Power Control and Energy Management
  • Computers and Information Technology
  • Equipment
  • Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Control and Automation Devices

We specialize in distributing electronic components in the following areas:

01Discrete Semiconductor Devices: Diodes, transistors, IBGT modules, field-effect transistors, etc.

02Integrated Circuits (ICs) and Memory Chips: Offering diverse integrated circuit solutions, from microprocessors to memory chips.

03Sensors and Converters: Supplying various sensors and signal converters to meet diverse application needs.

Our Advantages

Stable Supply Chains and Market Resources: We have established friendly and long-term collaborations with manufacturers and suppliers from various countries and regions. This ensures that we have access to over 1000 partner suppliers and a database of 6 million components, enabling us to offer competitive pricing and a reliable supply chain to our enterprise customers.

  • Quality Assurance and Authenticity Analysis

    Quality Assurance and Authenticity Analysis

    Our professional testing team and laboratories conduct authentic product verification and authenticity analysis on all items. This provides enterprise clients with confidence in the quality of their purchases.

  • Scarce Component Supply

    Scarce Component Supply

    We are dedicated to supplying enterprise clients with components that are scarce, outdated, or difficult to procure, ensuring the uninterrupted stability of their production lines.

  • Multilingual Team

    Multilingual Team

    Our experienced multilingual team collaborates closely with enterprise clients from different countries and regions, facilitating efficient communication.

  • Electronic Component Lifecycle Management

    Electronic Component Lifecycle Management

    Beyond supplying components, we assist clients in managing the lifecycle of electronic parts. We offer procurement plans to guarantee timely availability of components.

Our Foundation

Quick Quotation

Quick Quotation

Offering rapid quoting services for large quantities and multiple models.

Efficient Communication

Efficient Communication

Employing efficient language communication to reduce unnecessary time and effort.

Scarce Supply Focus

Scarce Supply Focus

Operating an independent procurement department to maintain a stable supply of scarce or outdated components.

Premium After-sales Support

Premium After-sales Support

Providing extended after-sales quality assurance services, including support for component returns and exchanges.

Quality Certification and Team

To ensure enterprise client satisfaction, we hold ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications. With a team of over 200 experienced employees, we possess profound expertise in the field of electronic components.

Quality Certification and Team

Our Philosophy: Integrity, Cooperation, Progress

Our values are built on integrity, cooperation, and continuous progress. Through close collaboration with clients, suppliers, and partners, we strive for greater success together.

We wholeheartedly provide enterprise clients with the most competitive electronic component supply chain solutions. Thank you for choosing us as your partner. For any inquiries or requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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