Industrial Automation Power Solutions

#Consumer Electronics# Published : Oct 08, 2023

Typical modern industrial processes require various industrial power solutions, including high-power AC/DC and DC/DC converters, as well as industrial UPS systems. ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.) boasts a rich technological heritage and experience, offering high-quality and reliable power solutions tailored to the industrial market, capable of delivering outstanding performance even in harsh environments.

Our high-performance solutions meet stringent industrial power requirements through advanced design and packaging technologies. These include exceptional power density, ultra-low noise technology, and outstanding reliability. ADI's low-complexity power management solutions are supported by a comprehensive suite of power design tools and highly configurable power interconnect solutions. These tools help our customers shorten time to market while delivering exceptional performance.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Industrial UPS products provide backup power to maximize uptime in smart manufacturing, even during power grid failures or heavy load conditions.

Isolated AC/DC & DC/DC Industrial Power Supplies

Isolated AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies offer efficient, secure, and reliable power to various industrial assets and sensors in factory environments.

Industrial power solutions are influenced by several key trends:


To maximize productivity in environments that operate around the clock, robust redundant power solutions are needed to provide extended uptime even when the primary power source is unreliable.

High Power Density

As production becomes more complex and power demands increase, industries are shifting towards high-power-density solutions for their power and backup battery storage needs.

Advanced Sensing and Connectivity

Real-time monitoring of asset power provides insights into asset health, optimizing and planning manufacturing operations.


Industrial electricity consumption accounts for nearly half of the world's electricity usage. To achieve sustainability and carbon-neutral goals, efficient solutions are needed to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprints.

Delivering Robust and Reliable Power Solutions with Seamless System Insight

ADI is committed to providing higher system performance through seamless integration of multiple technologies. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of industrial power and system-level expertise, we offer unique system solutions that encompass precise measurement, power conversion, safety isolation, and seamless connectivity. Additionally, we prioritize security, robustness, reliability, and increased efficiency in our solutions.

Interface and Isolation Technology

ADI's interface and isolation technologies provide robust safety isolation to protect personnel and assets from high voltage and disruptive electromagnetic interference.

Industrial Ethernet

ADI's high-speed industrial Ethernet solutions enable seamless connectivity and advanced power system insights.

Precision Measurement

ADI's low-latency, high-precision solutions enable accurate current and voltage measurements, providing deep insights into industrial power health and performance.

Power Management

Our compact, efficient, high-power-density solutions provide robust and reliable power for industrial power needs.

Power Management Tools

ADI's complete power management product portfolio offers design engineers high-quality, user-friendly tools. Use LTpowerPlanner® for system-level power tree design, LTpowerCAD® to find and optimize power solutions, and LTspice® for circuit simulation.

Isolated Power Conversion Integrated Solutions

Isolated power conversion is a critical requirement in industrial applications to protect personnel and assets. Learn how ADI products deliver compact, high-efficiency, and high-energy-density isolated power solutions.

Digital Isolation and Interface Technology Products

Our increasingly electrified and automated digital future demands higher levels of security and data integrity to protect its core, precision-sensitive electronic equipment. Learn how ADI's iCoupler® digital isolation technology helps safeguard personnel and asset security.

Isolated Gate Driver and Sensing Signal Chains


Isolated gate driver sensing signal chains combine robust switching control and scalable multi-channel monitoring into flexible solutions, covering a range of AC/DC and DC/AC applications.


Key Products


42V, 10A/12A Peak Synchronous Buck with Silent Switcher® 2 Architecture


Single/Dual-Input, High-Voltage, Isolated SiC Gate Driver with Miller Clamp


8-Channel DAS with 16-Bit, 800 kSPS Bipolar Input, Synchronous Sampling ADC


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