Intelligent Motion Control Solution

#Consumer Electronics# Published : Oct 08, 2023

Outstanding motion control, advanced sensing, and deterministic connectivity make intelligent manufacturing possible. Intelligent motion control integrates precise feedback, advanced detection, high-performance control, and seamless connectivity technologies to provide deterministic motion solutions, enabling highly flexible and efficient manufacturing processes. 

Robot motion control solutions have evolved from basic on/off constant-speed motors to complex multi-axis servo drive solutions. This transformation is to adapt to the increasingly complex trends in automation technology, meeting the demand for higher levels of performance and autonomy in smart manufacturing.

Intelligent Motion Control Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

Intelligent motion control is a crucial foundation of smart manufacturing. ADI is dedicated to providing new technologies and solutions to help customers achieve advanced and sustainable next-generation motion control technology.


There are four key drivers accelerating innovation in the field of intelligent motion: reducing energy consumption, moving towards agile production, achieving digital transformation, and transitioning to service-based new business models (focused on reducing downtime and increasing asset utilization in smart manufacturing).

Reducing Energy Consumption

Electric motor systems account for nearly 70% of the entire industry's power consumption. Intelligent motion solutions shift more applications from constant-speed motors to efficient motors and variable-speed drives, significantly reducing energy consumption. This shift is partially driven by energy efficiency regulations.


Moving Towards Agile Production

As industries adjust according to consumer demands and changing buyer behavior, there is a need for agile production based on reconfigurable production lines to provide more customization and achieve faster turnaround times. Agile production increases flexibility during disruptions, enabling quicker responses to evolving customer needs.


Digital Transformation

With motion assets connected to the internet, accessing motion data and insights from advanced sensors is easier than ever. These data can be analyzed through robust cloud computing and artificial intelligence to optimize manufacturing processes and monitor the current health of assets across the facility.


New Business Models

Intelligent motion applications are integrating state monitoring features to monitor the health of industrial assets in real-time. This has led to new business models offering predictive maintenance and service-based contracts around deployed assets, reducing unplanned downtime and providing higher levels of productivity and asset utilization.


Accelerating Value with In-Depth System Understanding

ADI is committed to providing outstanding system performance, excellent technical integration capabilities, and extensive expertise in the field of motion control, enabling complete solutions that facilitate precise motion control, accurate position and speed tracking, and seamless connectivity. Additionally, ADI focuses on safety, robustness, reliability, and efficiency.

Precision Measurement
ADI's low-latency, high-precision solutions enable accurate current and position measurements, resulting in excellent motion control performance.

Industrial Ethernet
ADI offers high-speed, interoperable Ethernet solutions, enabling real-time connectivity and advanced system-level insights.

Isolation and Interface Technology
Utilizing ADI's robust security isolation technology protects personnel and assets from high voltage and destructive electromagnetic interference.

Magnetic Sensing
ADI's compact magnetic detection technology provides powerful and accurate position detection, enabling excellent motion control.

Power Management
ADI's compact, efficient, high-power density solutions provide robust and reliable power for motion control needs.

Monitoring Equipment Health through Condition Monitoring
ADI's advanced equipment health monitoring solutions and platforms help manufacturers reduce system downtime and maintenance costs.


Key Intelligent Motion Products


ADuM7701 is a high-performance second-order Σ-Δ modulator with on-chip digital isolation using ADI's iCoupler® technology, converting analog input signals into high-speed data streams.



AD7380/AD7381 are 16-bit and 14-bit pin-compatible dual-channel synchronous sampling, high-speed, low-power, successive approximation register (SAR) type analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) powered by 3.0 V to 3.6 V supplies, with a maximum throughput rate of 4 MSPS.



Integrated AMR angle sensor and signal conditioner offering differential output.


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