Comparators are essential electronic components that compare two input voltages and output a signal based on their relative magnitudes. These devices play a crucial role in various applications where precise voltage comparisons are necessary. Comparators are commonly used in analog-to-digital converters, oscillators, voltage regulators, and other circuits requiring decision-making based on voltage levels.
Comparators possess key characteristics, including high input impedance for seamless interfacing, fast response times enabling quick voltage comparison decisions, and open-collector or open-drain outputs for versatility. Some comparators incorporate hysteresis, preventing rapid switching between output states for stable operation. Their primary function is voltage comparison, determining the relationship between two input voltages. Comparators also play a role in signal conditioning, converting analog signals, and detecting voltage thresholds to trigger specific actions. They contribute to oscillator circuits for waveform generation, with applications in pulse-width modulation. Additionally, specialized comparators, like window comparators, assess whether an input voltage falls within or outside a predefined range, showcasing their diverse functions in electronic circuits.
Xecor offers a comprehensive inventory of precision comparators from top manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, ON Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, and NXP Semiconductors. Explore our selection today and discover the accuracy, speed, and versatility that comparators from Xecor bring to your projects. 

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  • BLM9D1822-30B

    Ampleon Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    RF Amp Single MMIC Amp 2.2GHz 65V 20-Pin PQFN EP


  • HMC637LP5

    Analog Devices Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    RF Amp Single Power Amp 6GHz 14V 32-Pin QFN EP T/R


  • LM311MX

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Precision, high voltage, floating output comparator


  • LM2903AVQDR

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Dual Differential Comparator, Enhanced Voltage


  • LM393AP

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Precision dual differential comparator, industrial grade


  • LM393M/NOPB

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Low Power Low Offset Voltage Dual Comparator


  • TL3116ID

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    High speed differential comparator


  • LMV762MA

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Dual, 120-ns, low-voltage, precision comparator


  • TLV3501AID

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    4.5ns, Rail-to-Rail, High Speed Comparator with Shutdown


  • LM311N/NOPB

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Precision, high voltage, floating output comparator