• TW8836-LB2-CE LQFP-128
TW8836-LB2-CE LQFP-128


LCD Video Processor

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Overview of TW8836-LB2-CE

The TW8836-LB2-CE is a highly integrated LCD video processor designed for automotive applications. It features advanced video decoding and processing capabilities, making it ideal for in-vehicle entertainment systems and rear-seat entertainment solutions.


(Note: The pin configuration below is a general representation. Refer to the specific datasheet for precise details.)

  • VCC: Positive Power Supply
  • GND: Power Ground
  • VIDEO IN: Input for Video Signals
  • LCD OUT: Output for LCD Display
  • SDA: I2C Data Line
  • SCL: I2C Clock Line
  • AUDIO OUT: Output for Audio Signals
  • RESET: Reset Pin
  • MODE: Mode Selection Pin
  • BACKLIGHT: Control for Backlight Intensity
  • IR IN: Infrared Receiver Input
  • KEY IN: Input for Keypad Signals

Circuit Diagram

Include a circuit diagram illustrating the connections and operation of the TW8836-LB2-CE IC for a visual representation.

Key Features

  • Advanced Video Processing: The TW8836-LB2-CE offers advanced video decoding and processing capabilities for high-quality video output.
  • Multiple Input Support: Supports multiple video input sources, making it versatile for various multimedia applications.
  • Integrated Audio Processing: Features integrated audio processing for synchronized audio and video playback.
  • High Resolution Support: Capable of driving high-resolution LCD displays for crisp and clear visuals.
  • Automotive Grade: Designed for automotive applications with robust performance and reliability in challenging environments.

Note: For detailed technical specifications, please refer to the TW8836-LB2-CE datasheet.


  • Automotive Entertainment Systems: Ideal for in-vehicle entertainment systems, such as headrest displays and multimedia consoles.
  • Rear-Seat Entertainment: Suitable for rear-seat entertainment solutions in cars, providing a seamless video viewing experience.
  • Car Multimedia Interfaces: Used in car multimedia interfaces to enable video playback and audio output.


The TW8836-LB2-CE is a feature-rich LCD video processor that enhances the video and audio experience in automotive applications. It provides seamless video processing and output for a wide range of in-vehicle entertainment needs.

Usage Guide

  • Power Supply: Connect VCC (Pin X) to the power supply voltage specified in the datasheet.
  • Video Input: Connect the VIDEO IN pin to the video signal source for displaying video content.
  • Backlight Control: Use the BACKLIGHT pin to adjust the backlight intensity of the connected LCD display.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the TW8836-LB2-CE support multiple video input resolutions?
A: Yes, the TW8836-LB2-CE is capable of handling various video input resolutions for compatibility with different video sources.

Q: Is the TW8836-LB2-CE suitable for automotive temperature ranges?
A: Absolutely, the TW8836-LB2-CE is designed to operate within automotive temperature ranges, ensuring reliable performance in vehicle environments.


For similar functionalities, consider these alternatives to the TW8836-LB2-CE:

  • MAX9286: A high-performance automotive multimedia video processor with advanced features for in-vehicle entertainment.
  • TPS92661: This IC offers integrated video processing capabilities specifically designed for automotive display applications.



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