Drones FOC Regulation Solution Based on Microchip dsPIC33EP32MC204

#Consumer Electronics# Published : Sep 26, 2023

This FOC ESC reference design is a low-cost evaluation platform for quadcopter/copter applications.


The propellers are driven by three-phase permanent magnet synchronous or brushless motors.


The design is based on Microchip dsPIC33EP32MC204 DSC digital signal controller.


Scene Application Diagram

Scene Application Diagram

Display Board Photos

Display Board Photos

Solution Block Diagram

Solution Block Diagram

Core Technology Advantages

  • -Three-phase motor control power stage
  • -Phase current feedback via dual shunt resistor method for higher performance.
  • -Phase voltage feedback for sensorless trapezoidal control or fast starting
  • -DC bus voltage feedback for overvoltage protection
  • -In-line serial programming with Microchip programmer/debugger
  • -CAN communication


Program Specifications

  • -Input Voltage: DC 11V~14V.
  • -Limit voltage: DC 20V.
  • -Limit input current: 10A.
  • -Continuous output phase current: 8A(RMS)
  • -Peak output phase current: 44A.
  • -PWM Input: Digital signal-PWM 50Hz, 3~5V, 4~55% duty cycle.
  • -Analog Input: 0~3.3V


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