• STM32L496RGT6 LQFP-64


Ultra-low-power with FPU Arm Cortex-M4 MCU 80 MHz with 1 Mbyte of Flash memory, USB OTG, LCD, DFSDM


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Overview of STM32L496RGT6

The STM32L496xx devices are ultra-low-power microcontrollers based on the high-performance Arm®Cortex®-M4 32-bit RISC core operating at a frequency of up to 80 MHz. The Cortex-M4 core features a Floating point unit (FPU) single precision that supports all Arm®single-precision data-processing instructions and data types. It also implements a full set of DSP instructions and a memory protection unit (MPU) which enhances application security.The STM32L496xx devices embed high-speed memories (up to 1 Mbyte of Flash memory, 320 Kbyte of SRAM), a flexible external memory controller (FSMC) for static memories (for devices with packages of 100 pins and more), a Quad SPI Flash memories interface (available on all packages) and an extensive range of enhanced I/Os and peripherals connected to two APB buses, two AHB buses and a 32-bit multi-AHB bus matrix.The STM32L496xx devices embed several protection mechanisms for embedded Flash memory and SRAM: readout protection, write protection, proprietary code readout protection and Firewall.The devices offer up to three fast 12-bit ADCs (5 Msps), two comparators, two operational amplifiers, two DAC channels, an internal voltage reference buffer, a low-power RTC, two general-purpose 32-bit timer, two 16-bit PWM timers dedicated to motor control, seven general-purpose 16-bit timers, and two 16-bit low-power timers. The devices support four digital filters for external sigma delta modulators (DFSDM).In addition, up to 24 capacitive sensing channels are available. The devices also embed an integrated LCD driver 8x40 or 4x44, with internal step-up converter.They also feature standard and advanced communication interfaces, namely four I2Cs, three SPIs, three USARTs, two UARTs and one Low-Power UART, two SAIs, one SDMMC, two CANs, one USB OTG full-speed, one SWPMI (single wire protocol master interface), a camera interface and a DMA2D controller.The STM32L496xx operates in the -40 to +85 °C (+105 °C junction), -40 to +125 °C (+130 °C junction) temperature ranges from a 1.71 to 3.6 V VDDpower supply when using internal LDO regulator and a 1.05 to 1.32V VDD12power supply when using external SMPS supply. A comprehensive set of power-saving modes makes possible the design of low-power applications.Some independent power supplies are supported: analog independent supply input for ADC, DAC, OPAMPs and comparators, 3.3 V dedicated supply input for USB and up to 14 I/Os can be supplied independently down to 1.08 V. A VBAT input makes it possible to backup the RTC and backup registers. Dedicated VDD12power supplies can be used to bypass the internal LDO regulator when connected to an external SMPS.The STM32L496xx family offers seven packages from 64-pin to 169-pin packages.


Key Features

  • Includes ST state-of-the-art patented technology
    • Ultra-low-power with FlexPowerControl
      • 1.71 V to 3.6 V power supply
      • -40 °C to 85/125 °C temperature range
      • 320 nA in VBAT mode: supply for RTC and 32x32-bit backup registers
      • 25 nA Shutdown mode (5 wakeup pins)
      • 108 nA Standby mode (5 wakeup pins)
      • 426 nA Standby mode with RTC
      • 2.57 µA Stop 2 mode, 2.86 µA Stop 2 with RTC
      • 91 µA/MHz run mode (LDO mode)
      • 37 μA/MHz run mode (at 3.3 V SMPS mode)
      • Batch acquisition mode (BAM)
      • 5 µs wakeup from Stop mode
      • Brown out reset (BOR) in all modes except shutdown
      • Interconnect matrix
    • Core: Arm® 32-bit Cortex®-M4 CPU with FPU, Adaptive real-time accelerator (ART Accelerator™) allowing 0-wait-state execution from Flash memory, frequency up to 80 MHz, MPU, 100 DMIPS and DSP instructions
    • Performance benchmark
      • 1.25 DMIPS/MHz (Drystone 2.1)
      • 273.55 Coremark® (3.42 Coremark/MHz at 80 MHz)
    • Energy benchmark
      • 279 ULPMark™ CP score
      • 80.2 ULPMark™ PP score
    • 16 timers: 2x 16-bit advanced motor-control, 2x 32-bit and 5x 16-bit general purpose, 2x 16-bit basic, 2x low-power 16-bit timers (available in Stop mode), 2x watchdogs, SysTick timer
    • RTC with HW calendar, alarms and calibration
    • Up to 136 fast I/Os, most 5 V-tolerant, up to 14 I/Os with independent supply down to 1.08 V
    • Dedicated Chrom-ART Accelerator for enhanced graphic content creation (DMA2D)
    • 8- to 14-bit camera interface up to 32 MHz (black & white) or 10 MHz (c


The followings are basic parameters of the part selected concerning the characteristics of the part and categories it belongs to.

Source Content uid STM32L496RGT6 Part Life Cycle Code Active
Ihs Manufacturer STMICROELECTRONICS Package Description LFQFP,
Reach Compliance Code compliant ECCN Code 3A991.A.2
HTS Code 8542.31.00.01 Factory Lead Time 53 Weeks, 1 Day
Samacsys Manufacturer STMicroelectronics Has ADC YES
Bit Size 32 Boundary Scan YES
CPU Family CORTEX-M4 Clock Frequency-Max 48 MHz
DAC Channels YES DMA Channels YES
External Data Bus Width Format FLOATING-POINT
Integrated Cache NO JESD-30 Code S-PQFP-G64
Length 10 mm Low Power Mode YES
Number of DMA Channels 14 Number of External Interrupts 16
Number of I/O Lines 52 Number of Serial I/Os 6
Number of Terminals 64 Number of Timers 14
On Chip Data RAM Width 8 On Chip Program ROM Width 8
Operating Temperature-Max 85 °C Operating Temperature-Min -40 °C
PWM Channels YES Package Body Material PLASTIC/EPOXY
Package Code LFQFP Package Equivalence Code QFP64,.47SQ,20
Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel) NOT SPECIFIED RAM (bytes) 327680
ROM (words) 1048576 ROM Programmability FLASH
Seated Height-Max 1.6 mm Speed 80 MHz
Supply Current-Max 13.31 mA Supply Voltage-Max 3.6 V
Supply Voltage-Min 1.71 V Supply Voltage-Nom 1.8 V
Surface Mount YES Technology CMOS
Terminal Form GULL WING Terminal Pitch 0.5 mm
Terminal Position QUAD Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s) NOT SPECIFIED
Width 10 mm

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