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Epoxy Adhesive Mount Polyamide Black/Gray


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Overview of S1125-KIT-1

The S1125-KIT-1 is a comprehensive starter kit designed for evaluation and development purposes in the field of embedded systems and IoT. It includes a range of components and tools to facilitate prototyping and testing of electronic projects.

Kit Contents

  • Microcontroller Board: The kit includes a versatile microcontroller board with various I/O capabilities and connectivity options.
  • Sensors: Multiple sensors are provided in the kit for capturing environmental data and enabling sensor-based applications.
  • Peripherals: Various peripheral components such as LEDs, switches, and displays are included for user interaction and output.
  • Connectivity Modules: Modules for wireless and wired communication are part of the kit, allowing for networked projects.
  • Power Supply: The kit offers power supply solutions for the components, ensuring proper functioning of the projects.


The S1125-KIT-1 is ideal for hobbyists, students, and professional developers looking to explore embedded systems, IoT, and sensor-based projects. It provides a platform for learning and experimentation in electronics and programming.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Starter Kit: Includes a wide range of components for versatile project development.
  • Expandability: The kit is designed for expansion and customization, allowing users to integrate additional components.
  • Educational Tool: Suitable for educational purposes to understand microcontroller programming, sensor interfacing, and IoT concepts.
  • Prototyping Support: Enables quick prototyping and testing of electronic projects without the need for extensive component sourcing.
  • User-Friendly Documentation: The kit comes with detailed documentation and sample projects to aid users in getting started.

Note: For detailed specifications and compatibility, refer to the product manual provided with the S1125-KIT-1.


  • Embedded Systems Development: Perfect for exploring embedded systems design and implementation.
  • IoT Prototyping: Enables IoT project prototyping with various sensors and connectivity options.
  • Education and Training: Suitable for educational institutions for teaching electronics, programming, and IoT concepts.


The S1125-KIT-1 provides a platform for hands-on learning and experimentation in embedded systems and IoT. Users can create various projects ranging from simple sensor-based applications to complex networked systems.

Setup and Configuration

  • Assemble the microcontroller board and connect the sensors and peripherals as per the provided manual.
  • Install the necessary development tools and software to program the microcontroller.
  • Explore the sample projects included in the documentation to understand the capabilities of the kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can additional sensors be integrated into the S1125-KIT-1?
A: Yes, the kit is expandable, and users can incorporate additional sensors by following the available interfacing guidelines.

Q: Is the S1125-KIT-1 suitable for beginners in electronics?
A: Absolutely, the kit is beginner-friendly and provides ample resources for users to start their electronics and programming journey.


For similar starter kit options, consider the following alternatives:

  • S1150-KIT-1: An advanced version of the S1125-KIT-1 with additional components and features for more complex projects.
  • EZ123-START: A beginner-friendly starter kit focusing on microcontroller programming and basic electronics.


The followings are basic parameters of the part selected concerning the characteristics of the part and categories it belongs to.

Product Category Chemicals Shipping Restrictions Available in USA only. Must ship UPS or FedEx Ground.
RoHS True Product Adhesives
Type Epoxy Compound Size 10 g
Container Kit Brand TE Connectivity / Raychem
Description/Function Adhesive for use with wide range of applications Product Type Chemicals
Factory Pack Quantity 1 Subcategory Supplies
Part # Aliases 878462-000 Unit Weight 6.349313 oz

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