• REF01CJ TO-99-8
REF01CJ TO-99-8


+10V Precision Voltage Reference


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Overview of REF01CJ

GENERAL DESCRIPTIONThe REF0x series of precision voltage references provide a stable 10.0 V, 5.0 V, or 2.5 V output with minimal change in response to variations in supply voltage, ambient temperature or load conditions. The parts are available in 8-lead SOIC, PDIP, CERDIP, and TO-99 packages, as well as 20-terminal LCC packages (883 only), furthering the parts’ usability in both standard and high stress applications.FEATURESHigh output accuracyREF01: 10.0 V, ±0.3% maximumREF02: 5.0 V, ±0.3% maximumREF03: 2.5 V, ±0.6% maximumAdjustable output: ± 3% minimumExcellent temperature stabilityREF01: 8.5 ppm/°C maximumREF02: 8.5 ppm/°C maximumREF03: 50 ppm/°C maximumLow noiseREF01: 30 μV p-p typicalREF02: 15 μV p-p typicalREF03: 6 μV p-p typicalHigh supply voltage range: up to 36 V maximumLow supply current: 1.4 mA maximumHigh load-driving capability: 10 mA maximumTemperature output functionAPPLICATIONSPrecision data systemsHigh resolution convertersIndustrial process control systemsPrecision instrumentsMilitary and aerospace applicationsPart Number Output Voltage Input Voltage RangeREF01 10.0 V 12 V to 36 VREF02 5.0 V 7.0 V to 36 VREF03 2.5 V 4.5 V to 36 V


Key Features

  • High output accuracy
  • REF01: 10.0 V, ±0.3% maximum
  • REF02: 5.0 V, ±0.3% maximum
  • REF03: 2.5 V, ±0.6% maximum
  • Adjustable output: ± 3% minimum
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • REF01: 8.5 ppm/°C maximum
  • REF02: 8.5 ppm/°C maximum
  • REF03: 50 ppm/°C maximum
  • Low noise
  • REF01: 30 μV p-p typical
  • REF02: 15 μV p-p typical
  • REF03: 6 μV p-p typical
  • High supply voltage range: up to 36 V maximum
  • Low supply current: 1.4 mA maximum
  • High load-driving capability: 10 mA maximum
  • Temperature output function
  • Precision data systems
  • High resolution converters
  • Industrial process control systems
  • Precision instruments
  • Military and aerospace applications


  • Precision data systems
  • High resolution converters
  • Industrial process control systems
  • Precision instruments
  • Military and aerospace applications
  • Part Number Output Voltage Input Voltage Range
  • REF01 10.0 V 12 V to 36 V
  • REF02 5.0 V 7.0 V to 36 V
  • REF03 2.5 V 4.5 V to 36 V


The followings are basic parameters of the part selected concerning the characteristics of the part and categories it belongs to.

Source Content uid REF01CJ Pbfree Code No
Rohs Code No Part Life Cycle Code Active
Ihs Manufacturer ANALOG DEVICES INC Part Package Code BCY
Package Description TO-99, CAN8,.2 Pin Count 8
Manufacturer Package Code H-08-1 Reach Compliance Code unknown
ECCN Code EAR99 HTS Code 8542.39.00.01
Samacsys Manufacturer Analog Devices Additional Feature OUTPUT VOLTAGE ADJUSTABLE 3 PERCENT
JESD-609 Code e0 Number of Functions 1
Number of Outputs 1 Number of Terminals 8
Operating Temperature-Max 70 °C Operating Temperature-Min
Output Voltage-Max 10.1 V Output Voltage-Min 9.9 V
Output Voltage-Nom 10 V Package Body Material METAL
Package Code TO-99 Package Equivalence Code CAN8,.2
Package Shape ROUND Package Style CYLINDRICAL
Qualification Status Not Qualified Supply Current-Max (Isup) 1.6 mA
Supply Voltage-Max (Vsup) 40 V Supply Voltage-Min (Vsup) 12 V
Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup) 15 V Surface Mount NO
Technology BIPOLAR Temp Coef of Voltage-Max 65 ppm/°C
Temperature Grade COMMERCIAL Terminal Finish TIN LEAD
Terminal Form WIRE Terminal Position BOTTOM
Trim/Adjustable Output YES

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