channel audio amplifier IC OPA1632DGN in HVSSOP8 package supports power supply voltages between 5VDC and 30VDC


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Overview of OPA1632DGN

The OPA1632DGN is a dual-channel audio operational amplifier with a high-precision, low-distortion design that is ideal for audio processing applications. This IC features high slew rate and wide bandwidth, making it suitable for high-fidelity audio systems.


(Note: The pin configuration below is a general representation. Refer to the specific datasheet for precise details.)

  • V-: Negative Power Supply
  • OUT1: Output for Channel 1
  • IN+: Positive Input for Channel 1
  • IN-: Negative Input for Channel 1
  • OUT2: Output for Channel 2
  • IN+: Positive Input for Channel 2
  • IN-: Negative Input for Channel 2
  • COMP: Compensation Pin
  • BYPASS: Bypass Pin
  • V+: Positive Power Supply
  • NC: No Connection

Circuit Diagram

Include a circuit diagram showing the connections and operation of the OPA1632DGN for a visual representation.

Key Features

  • Dual-Channel Design: Provides two independent op-amp channels for stereo audio applications.
  • High Precision: Delivers low distortion and high accuracy audio processing.
  • High Slew Rate: Offers fast signal response for clear audio reproduction.
  • Wide Bandwidth: Supports a broad frequency range for detailed audio playback.
  • Low-Noise Performance: Ensures clean audio output without interference.

Note: For detailed technical specifications, please refer to the OPA1632DGN datasheet.


  • High-Fidelity Audio Systems: Ideal for use in high-quality audio amplifiers and preamplifiers.
  • Professional Audio Equipment: Suitable for professional audio mixing consoles and studio equipment.
  • Home Theater Systems: Enhances audio performance in home entertainment setups.


The OPA1632DGN is a dual-channel audio op-amp designed for high-precision audio processing. It offers clear, low-distortion amplification for stereo audio applications.

Usage Guide

  • Power Supply: Connect the +V and -V pins to the corresponding power supplies for each channel.
  • Input Connections: Provide audio input signals to the IN+ and IN- pins for each channel.
  • Output Configuration: Connect the OUT pins to the load or next stage in the audio signal chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the typical applications of the OPA1632DGN?
A: The OPA1632DGN is commonly used in audio amplifiers, preamplifiers, and professional audio equipment where high precision and low distortion are critical.

Q: Does the OPA1632DGN require any external compensation?
A: The OPA1632DGN features a compensation pin for external compensation if needed for specific applications requiring fine-tuning.


For similar functionalities, consider these alternatives to the OPA1632DGN:

  • OPA2134: Another high-precision audio op-amp offering similar performance characteristics.
  • AD8620: A dual-channel precision op-amp suitable for audio applications with low distortion and noise.



The followings are basic parameters of the part selected concerning the characteristics of the part and categories it belongs to.

Number of channels 1 Total supply voltage (+5 V = 5, ±5 V = 10) (min) (V) 5
Total supply voltage (+5 V = 5, ±5 V = 10) (max) (V) 30 GBW (typ) (MHz) 180
Slew rate (typ) (V/µs) 50 Rail-to-rail No
Vos (offset voltage at 25°C) (max) (mV) 3 Iq per channel (typ) (mA) 14
Vn at 1 kHz (typ) (nV√Hz) 1.3 Features Burr-Brown™ Audio, Shutdown
THD + N at 1 kHz (typ) (%) 0.000022 Rating Catalog
Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 85 Iout (typ) (A) 0.085
Architecture Voltage FB CMRR (typ) (dB) 90
Input bias current (max) (pA) 200000

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