USB Interface IC USB to Serial UART Enhanced IC QFN-32


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Overview of FT232RQ-REEL

IC, USB TO UART, SMD, QFN-32, 232; Bridge Type: USB to UART; Supply Voltage Min: 1.8V; Supply Voltage Max: 5.25V; Interface Case Style: QFN; No. of Pins: 32Pins; Operating Temperature Min: -40°C; Operating Temperature Max: 85°C; Product Range: FT232; Automotive Qualification Standard: -; MSL: MSL 3 - 168 hours; SVHC: No SVHC (15-Jan-2019); Supply Voltage Range: 1.8V to 5.25V, 3.3V to 5.25V; Termination Type: Surface Mount Device

The FT232RQ-REEL is a USB-to-serial UART interface IC (Integrated Circuit) designed for use in a wide range of applications requiring USB connectivity. It provides a simple and cost-effective solution for adding USB connectivity to devices such as microcontrollers, embedded systems, and other electronics.


(Note: The pin configuration below is a general representation. Refer to the specific datasheet for precise details.)

  • VCC: Power Supply
  • GND: Ground
  • TXD: Transmit Data
  • RXD: Receive Data
  • RTS: Ready To Send
  • CTS: Clear To Send
  • DTR: Data Terminal Ready
  • DSR: Data Set Ready
  • DCD: Data Carrier Detect
  • RI: Ring Indicator
  • USB: USB Interface

Circuit Diagram

Incorporate a circuit diagram that illustrates the connections and operation of the FT232RQ-REEL USB-to-serial UART interface IC for a more visual representation.


Key Features

  • USB Connectivity: The FT232RQ-REEL provides USB connectivity, allowing devices to communicate with a host computer or other USB-enabled devices.
  • Serial UART Interface: It features a serial UART interface, making it compatible with a wide range of microcontrollers and embedded systems.
  • High-Speed Data Transfer: The FT232RQ-REEL supports high-speed data transfer rates, ensuring fast and efficient communication between devices.
  • Easy Integration: It is easy to integrate into existing designs, requiring minimal external components for operation.

Note: For detailed technical specifications, refer to the FT232RQ-REEL datasheet.


  • Microcontroller Programming: The FT232RQ-REEL can be used for programming microcontrollers via USB.
  • Data Logging: It is suitable for data logging applications, allowing data to be logged and transmitted over USB.
  • Debugging: The FT232RQ-REEL can be used for debugging and monitoring serial communication in embedded systems.
  • Virtual COM Port: It can create a virtual COM port on a host computer, allowing software applications to communicate with devices using standard serial protocols.


The FT232RQ-REEL USB-to-serial UART interface IC provides a convenient and reliable way to add USB connectivity to devices, enabling easy communication with host computers and other USB devices.

Usage Guide

  • Power Supply: Connect VCC (Power Supply Pin) to the appropriate power supply voltage and GND (Ground Pin) to ground.
  • Serial Interface: Connect TXD (Transmit Data) and RXD (Receive Data) to the corresponding pins on the microcontroller or other device.
  • USB Connection: Connect the USB interface to the host computer or other USB-enabled devices for communication.
  • Configuration: Configure the FT232RQ-REEL according to the desired communication settings using the appropriate software tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the FT232RQ-REEL be used with both 3.3V and 5V systems?
A: Yes, the FT232RQ-REEL is compatible with both 3.3V and 5V systems, offering versatility in system design.

Q: Is the FT232RQ-REEL compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems?
A: Yes, the FT232RQ-REEL is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


The followings are basic parameters of the part selected concerning the characteristics of the part and categories it belongs to.

Manufacturer FTDI Product Category USB Interface IC
RoHS Details Series FT232
Product USB Controllers Type Bridge, USB to UART
Mounting Style SMD/SMT Package / Case QFN-EP-32
Standard USB 2.0 Speed High Speed (HS), Full Speed (FS)
Data Rate 12 Mb/s Supply Voltage - Min 3.3 V
Supply Voltage - Max 5.25 V Operating Supply Current 25 mA
Minimum Operating Temperature - 40 C Maximum Operating Temperature + 85 C
Brand FTDI Interface Type UART
Moisture Sensitive Yes Operating Supply Voltage 1.8 V to 5.25 V
Product Type USB Interface IC Factory Pack Quantity 6000
Subcategory Interface ICs Tradename R-CHIP
Unit Weight 0.005997 oz

Equivalent Parts

The followings are basic parameters of the part selected concerning the characteristics of the part and categories it belongs to.

FT232RQ-REEL Equivalent Parts

For the FT232RQ-REEL component, you may consider these replacement and alterative parts.

Models Manufacturer Package/Case Description
FT232RL Ftdi Chip QFN-32 An USB-to-serial UART interface IC that can serve as an alternative to the FT232RQ-REEL. It offers similar functionality and performance characteristics.
MCP2200 Microchip SSOP-20 Another USB-to-serial converter IC, the MCP2200 from Microchip, offers similar features to the FT232RQ-REEL and can be used as a substitute in many applications.
MAX3421E Maxim Integrated TQFN-32 While not a direct equivalent, the MAX3421E from Maxim Integrated is a USB host controller IC that can be used in applications requiring USB connectivity.
CP2102 Silicon Labs QFN-28 The CP2102 from Silicon Labs is a USB-to-UART bridge IC that offers similar functionality to the FT232RQ-REEL and can be used as an alternative in many applications.
NCP5623 On Semiconductor QFN-16 The NCP5623 from On Semiconductor is an LED driver IC that could be used in applications where LED control is required, though it is not a direct equivalent to the FT232RQ-REEL.

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