• DSEK60-06A TO-247AD
DSEK60-06A TO-247AD


High-efficiency diode with 90ns response time

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Overview of DSEK60-06A

The DSEK60-06A is a high-performance, 600V, 60A fast recovery diode manufactured by IXYS Corporation. It is designed to be utilized in various power electronic applications requiring high speed switching and low on-state voltage.This diode features a reverse recovery time of 60ns and a maximum forward voltage drop of 1.85V at 30A. It also has a maximum reverse leakage current of 50μA at 600V. The DSEK60-06A is housed in a TO-247 package, which allows for efficient heat dissipation and improved thermal stability.With a maximum junction temperature of 175°C, the DSEK60-06A is capable of operating in harsh environments without degradation in performance. It also has a high surge current capability, making it suitable for applications where power surges may occur.


Key Features

  • DSEK60-06A is a silicon carbide Schottky diode module with a 600V voltage rating, 60A current rating, and fast switching speed
  • It has low forward voltage drop and high frequency operation capabilities, making it suitable for high power applications
  • The module is compact, durable, and designed for easy integration into power electronics systems
  • Application

  • The DSEK60-06A is a high-voltage, high-speed power Schottky rectifier diode commonly used in applications such as power supplies, inverters, and motor drives
  • It is well-suited for switching-mode power supplies, freewheeling diodes in motor control circuits, and as reverse polarity protection diodes in various electronic systems
  • Its fast switching characteristics make it ideal for high-frequency applications
  • Specifications

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    Maximum Repetitive Blocking Voltage (V) 600 Average Continuous Current Rating 30
    Case temperature 110 Maximum Surge Current [Diode] (A) 300
    maximum virtual junction temperature 150 Thermal resistance [junction-case] (K/W) 0.8
    Thermal Resistance caseheatsink KW 0.25 trr typ ns 80
    IRM 5.5 Maximum rate of rise in current over time. 200
    Sample Request Yes Package Type TO-247AD

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