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Battery Monitoring/Battery Balancer 5mA Automotive 80-Pin TQFP T/R


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Overview of BQ76PL455ATPFCRQ1

The BQ76PL455ATPFCRQ1 is a 16-cell pack supervisor with an integrated 16-bit delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for lithium-ion (Li-Ion) and lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack monitoring. The device provides comprehensive pack monitoring, including voltage, temperature, and self-diagnostics for use in automotive and industrial battery management systems.


(Note: The pin configuration below is a general representation. Refer to the specific datasheet for precise details.)

  • VC1–VC16: Cell voltage inputs
  • AIN1–AIN4: Analog inputs
  • CSB: Chip select input for the SPI interface
  • SCLK: Serial clock input for the SPI interface
  • SDI: Serial data input for the SPI interface
  • SDO: Serial data output for the SPI interface
  • GPIO1–GPIO4: General-purpose digital inputs/outputs
  • TS1–TS4: Negative temperature inputs
  • TP1–TP4: Positive temperature inputs
  • TSI: Temperature sensor interface input
  • VSS: Analog ground
  • VSSD: Digital ground
  • VDD: Device power supply
  • MD: Mode input for device configuration
  • LED: LED driver output for fault indication

Circuit Diagram

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Key Features

  • High-Precision ADC: Integrated 16-bit delta-sigma ADC for accurate voltage and temperature measurements.
  • Cell Balancing Control: Supports active cell balancing to improve battery pack performance and longevity.
  • Fault Detection: Comprehensive self-diagnostics and fault detection to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  • SPI Interface: Serial Peripheral Interface for communication with microcontrollers and host systems.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Provides inputs for monitoring individual cell temperatures to prevent overtemperature conditions.
  • Automotive Grade: Designed and qualified for automotive applications, meeting stringent industry standards.

Note: For detailed technical specifications, please refer to the BQ76PL455ATPFCRQ1 datasheet.


  • Battery Management Systems: Ideal for use in automotive and industrial battery management systems requiring precise pack monitoring and control.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Packs: Suited for monitoring and managing large lithium-ion battery packs in electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.
  • Energy Storage Systems: Used in stationary energy storage systems to monitor and balance large battery packs for renewable energy integration.


The BQ76PL455ATPFCRQ1 is a versatile 16-cell pack supervisor with integrated ADC, providing accurate monitoring of battery pack parameters and enabling active balancing for optimal pack performance.

Usage Guide

  • Power Supply: Connect VDD (Pin 14) to the device power supply (2.7V to 5.5V).
  • Cell Voltage Inputs: Connect VC1–VC16 to the individual cell voltages in the battery pack.
  • Temperature Inputs: Connect TS1–TS4 and TP1–TP4 to the negative and positive temperature inputs, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the BQ76PL455ATPFCRQ1 suitable for use in automotive applications?
A: Yes, the BQ76PL455ATPFCRQ1 is designed and qualified for automotive applications, meeting the rigorous requirements of the automotive industry.

Q: What is the maximum operating voltage range supported by the BQ76PL455ATPFCRQ1?
A: The BQ76PL455ATPFCRQ1 can operate with a supply voltage ranging from 2.7V to 5.5V, providing flexibility for various battery system designs.


For similar functionalities, consider these alternatives to the BQ76PL455ATPFCRQ1:

  • BQ76PL536A-Q1: A similar 36-cell pack supervisor with integrated ADC for enhanced battery pack monitoring in automotive and industrial applications.
  • BQ76930: This device from Texas Instruments offers comparable features and performance for battery management applications in automotive and industrial systems.
  • ADM12914: An automotive-grade battery monitoring and protection IC with similar functionality and reliability for battery management systems.


The followings are basic parameters of the part selected concerning the characteristics of the part and categories it belongs to.

Product Category Battery Management RoHS Details
Product Battery Protection Battery Type Lithium-ion
Output Voltage 4.7 V Output Current 20 mA
Operating Supply Voltage 12 V to 79.2 V Package / Case TQFP-80
Mounting Style SMD/SMT Qualification AEC-Q100
Series BQ76PL455A-Q1 Brand Texas Instruments
Development Kit BQ76PL455EVM Maximum Operating Temperature + 105 C
Minimum Operating Temperature - 40 C Moisture Sensitive Yes
Operating Supply Current 5 mA Product Type Battery Management
Factory Pack Quantity 1000 Subcategory PMIC - Power Management ICs
Unit Weight 0.012173 oz

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