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FSK Modem with 1200bit/s


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Overview of A5191HRTLG-XTD

The A5191HRTLG-XTD is a high-precision Hall-effect latch IC designed for accurate magnetic field sensing applications. This IC features a latch function that retains the output state based on the magnetic field polarity, making it ideal for various magnetic sensing and switching applications.


(Note: The pin configuration below is a general representation. Refer to the specific datasheet for precise details.)

  • GND: Ground connection
  • VCC: Positive power supply
  • AOUT: Analog output
  • OUT: Digital output
  • VS: Supply voltage
  • NC: No connection
  • NP: North Pole sensor input
  • SP: South Pole sensor input

Circuit Diagram

Include a circuit diagram illustrating the connections and operation of the A5191HRTLG-XTD IC for a visual representation.

Key Features

  • High-Precision Magnetic Sensing: The A5191HRTLG-XTD offers high precision in magnetic field sensing applications, ensuring accurate detection of magnetic fields.
  • Latch Functionality: Featuring a latch function, this IC retains its output state based on the polarity of the magnetic field, providing stable switching behavior.
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range: Operates within a wide supply voltage range, allowing flexibility in various system designs.
  • Analog and Digital Output: Provides both analog and digital output options for versatile interfacing with different microcontrollers and systems.
  • Sleep Mode: Includes a low-power sleep mode for energy-efficient operation in battery-powered applications.

Note: For detailed technical specifications, please refer to the A5191HRTLG-XTD datasheet.


  • Magnetic Field Detection: Ideal for applications requiring precise detection of magnetic fields, such as proximity sensing, position detection, and speed measurement.
  • Magnetic Switching: Suitable for magnetic switching applications where the output state needs to be maintained based on the magnetic field polarity.
  • Automotive Electronics: Used in automotive electronics for gear position sensing, brushless DC motor control, and other magnetic field sensing tasks.


The A5191HRTLG-XTD is a high-precision Hall-effect latch IC that accurately detects and responds to magnetic fields with its latch functionality, making it a reliable choice for magnetic sensing applications.

Usage Guide

  • Power Supply: Connect VCC (Pin 2) to the positive power supply and GND (Pin 1) to the ground.
  • Magnetic Field Inputs: Apply magnetic fields to the NP (North Pole) and SP (South Pole) sensor inputs for accurate sensing.
  • Output Handling: Utilize the OUT pin for digital output and the AOUT pin for analog output based on your system requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the A5191HRTLG-XTD detect both north and south magnetic poles?
A: Yes, the A5191HRTLG-XTD can accurately detect both north and south magnetic poles with its dual sensor inputs.

Q: Is the A5191HRTLG-XTD suitable for high-speed magnetic field sensing applications?
A: While the A5191HRTLG-XTD offers high precision, it may not be optimized for high-speed magnetic field sensing. Consider application requirements for speed sensitivity.


For similar functionalities, consider these alternatives to the A5191HRTLG-XTD:

  • DRV5053: A Hall-effect sensor IC with similar latch functionality and high-precision magnetic field detection capabilities.
  • SS495A: This sensor IC offers accurate magnetic field sensing and a latch function, suitable for applications requiring stable output states based on polarity.


The followings are basic parameters of the part selected concerning the characteristics of the part and categories it belongs to.

Status Active Compliance PbAHP
Package Type LQFP-32 Case Outline 561AB
MSL Type 3 MSL Temp (°C) 260
Container Type JTRAY Container Qty. 250
ON Target Y Data Transmission Standard HART
Data Rate 1200 baud Number of Drivers 1
Number of Receivers 1 VCC Min (V) 3
VCC Max (V) 5.5 tPLH Max (µs) 0.02
IO Max (µA) 670 IIH Max (mA) 5.0E-4
Pricing ($/Unit) $4.439Sample

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