Part Number Description Brands Inventory Add To Bom
ATECC508A-MAHDA-S Security ICs with Authentication features in a small 8ld UDFN package Microchip 5,291
AT24C02D-MAHM-T 2K-bit 256 x 8 EEPROM Serial-2Wire 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V 8-Pin UDFN EP T/R Microchip 7,679
MIC23150-4YMT-TR A buck regulator designed for high-speed switching at 4MHz, adept at handling currents of up to 2.0A, with HyperLight Load capability Microchip 9,342
M25P80-VMC6TG The M25P80-VMC6TG is a top-tier choice for designers looking to incorporate non-volatile memory into their products efficiently micron technology 6,968
M25P40-VMB6TPB Small Form Factor Flash Memory Chip for Embedded Systems micron technology 8,917
M25P40-VMB3TPB NOR Flash SPI with 4Mbit capacity in UFDFPN package micron technology 8,351
M25P10-AVMB6TG 28Kx8 PDSO8 ROHS compliant UFDFN-8 2x3mm micron technology 7,457
AT25DF641A-MH-Y High-density storage solution Renesas Electronics America Inc 7,730
AT30TS00-MAH-T Temp Sensor Digital Serial (2-Wire, I2C, SMBus) 8-Pin WDFN EP T/R Microchip Technology 6,431
MC34671AEPR2 Battery Charger for Li-Ion/Li-Pol with 600mA Output and 4.2V Freescale Semiconductor 8,366
MPR031EPR2 Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller Freescale Semiconductor 9,008
AT45DB321E-MHF-T The UDFN-8 NOR flash device, AT45DB321E-MHF-T, is ideal for applications requiring non-volatile memory solutions Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,316
AT25SF641-MHB-T High-speed data storage solution Renesas Electronics America Inc 5,665
AT25BCM512B-MAH-T 8-Pin UDFN Package Renesas Electronics 6,992
EMI7204MUTAG ESD Suppressor Diode Array Bi-Dir 5V 8-Pin UDFN EP T/R Onsemi 6,631
ATTINY4-MAHR 512 bytes of flash memory Microchip Technology 5,317
NUF2450MUT2G ESD Suppressor Diode Array Bi-Dir 5V 8-Pin UDFN EP T/R Onsemi 8,574
NLAS5213AMUTAG Analog Switch Single DPST 8-Pin UDFN T/R onsemi 5,075
CM1693-04DE ESD Suppressor Diode Array Bi-Dir 5.5V 8-Pin UDFN EP T/R Onsemi 6,840
M25P16-VMC6TG This NOR Flash device is ideal for applications requiring fast read and write speeds, such as embedded systems and industrial equipment Micron Technology 5,255
MX25L3233FZBI-08Q 32M-bit Capacity with 3V/3.3V Voltage Support Macronix 9,090
AT25SF041-MAHD-T Compact 8-pin UDFN package with exposed pad for easy soldering, suitable for mass production Renesas 5,088
CAT24C04HU4I-GT3 EEPROM Serial-2Wire 4K-bit 512 x 8 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V/5V 8-Pin UDFN EP T/R onsemi 6,402
NLSV2T244MUTAG Two-channel voltage level translator in unidirectional configuration Onsemi 9,633
N34C04MU3ETG Serial communication interface onsemi 6,443
SZESD7016MUTAG TVS Diodes with ESD Suppression for USB Applications Onsemi 7,983
ESD7016MUTAG ON Semiconductor ESD7016MUTAG Uni-Directional TVS Diode Array Onsemi 8,289
PCA9306FMUTAG Two-way voltage level translator designed for seamless communication between different voltage systems Onsemi 9,395
NCP2820MUTBG The Audio Amp Speaker is a compact 8-pin UDFN device that is suitable for use in a range of audio applications Onsemi 7,650
CAT24M01HU5I-GT3 Reel Onsemi CAT24M01HU5I-GT3 Onsemi 7,400
CAT24C256HU4IGT3 256Kbit I2C UDFN-8(2x3) EEPROM Onsemi 9,118
CAT24C128HU4IGT3 Surface Mount Memory IC Onsemi 7,803
CAT24C32HU4I-GT3 EEPROM Serial-I2C 32K-bit 4K x 8 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V/5V 8-Pin UDFN EP T/R onsemi 5,000
CAT24C08HU4I-GT3 This device has a configuration of 1K x 8, making it suitable for a wide range of applications requiring non-volatile memory Onsemi 5,837
AT45DB321E-MHF-Y 85MHz 2.3-3.6V DataFlash Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,296
AT45DB161E-MHD-T This SPI serial flash memory chip offers reliable data storage and retrieval for various electronic devices." Renesas Electronics America Inc 9,640
AT25DF321A-MH-T The AT25DF321A-MH-T model offers a storage capacity of 4M x 8 Renesas 7,451
AT45DB641E-MHN2B-T IC FLASH 64MBIT SPI 85MHZ 8UDFN Renesas Electronics America Inc 6,070
AT45DB641E-MHN-T Non-volatile memory chip with 64 Mbit capacity Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,278
AT45DB641E-MHN-Y With a flexible voltage range and compact design, the AT45DB641E-MHN-Y is a versatile solution for various electronic applications Renesas Electronics America Inc 6,688
ATECC108A-MAHDA-T Advanced security features for secure communication and data integrity Microchip Technology 6,479
ATECC608A-MAHDA-S Comes in tape form Microchip Technology 9,707
ATECC608A-MAHDA-T Please note that the projected end of life date for this product is October 3, 2048, so plan your manufacturing timelines accordingly Microchip 5,315
ATECC508A-MAHDA-T State-of-the-art CMOS technology for robust security Microchip Technology 9,697
ATAES132A-MAHER-T Packaged in an 8-pin UDFN format Microchip Technology 9,582
ATSHA204A-MAHCZ-T Secure Authentication Chips Microchip Technology 8,234
ATSHA204A-MAHDA-T Protect your system with the ATSHA204A-MAHDA-T Security IC." Microchip 9,481
ATSHA204A-MAHDA-S CryptoAuthentication™ 4.5KB Authenticator Microchip Technology 9,576
AT24C512C-MAHM-T Operating temperature -40 to 85°C Microchip Technology 9,363
AT24C256C-MAHL-T 32K x 8 I2C/2-WIRE SERIAL EEPROM PDSO8 Microchip Technology 9,833