SOIC (D)-8

Part Number Description Brands Inventory Add To Bom
LM2903M This 8-SOIC package ensures easy integration into various circuit designs Texas Instruments 6,702
TPS76801QD dropout voltage regulator with power good & enable Texas Instruments 7,722
LM358M Operational Amplifier, Single Supply, Dual Texas Instruments 7,235
TPS76733QD Regulators with transient response Texas Instruments 6,502
BUF634U 250-mA high-speed buffer Texas Instruments 6,502
REF5025AQDRQ1 V-Ref Precision 2.5V 10mA Automotive 8-Pin SOIC T/R Texas Instruments 8,405
LM2675M-5.0 This product can efficiently convert voltages from 6.5V to 40V down to 5.0V Texas Instruments 8,502
UCC28C43DR The UCC28C43DR is a BiCMOS device designed for converting AC to DC with low power usage Texas Instruments 5,883
LM2672M-ADJ Step-down adjustable DC-DC converter with 1A output Texas Instruments 5,596
UCC27324DR Low side driver for 4.5A Texas Instruments 5,824
LP2951ACMX/NOPB Maximum output current: 100mA Texas Instruments 4,767
CD40107BM The logic gates in this CMOS device provide efficient and reliable buffering and driving for electronic signals TI 5,792
UCC27423D Driver 4A 2-OUT Low Side Inv 8-Pin SOIC Tube TI 5,872
LM35DMX/NOPB Voltage output temperature sensor Texas Instruments 5,622
LM78L05ACMX/NOPB LM78L05ACMX/NOPB is a RoHS compliant linear voltage regulator that ensures a reliable and steady 5V output for your electronic devices Texas Instruments 9,009
LM337LMX/NOPB Ideal for various applications requiring a precise voltage output between 1.2V and 37V Texas Instruments 7,866
LM317LMX/NOPB Small outline integrated circuit package Texas Instruments 5,640
UCC27712DR Versatile interlock feature for added safety and control Texas Instruments 4,689
TPS2065DR SOIC package for surface mounting applications TI 7,628
TPS2052BDR Active-high 8-SOIC switch for 2.7-5.5V input Texas Instruments 4,994
TL431AID 8-Pin SOIC Tube Texas Instruments 8,159
TL431CD Voltage References Adjustable Shunt Texas Instruments 5,506
REF200AU Reliable constant current source for power management Texas Instruments 5,872
LP2951ACMX Positive 1.24 to 29 volt output TI 5,004
UCC28180DR Single Phase PFC with Frequency Programmability Texas Instruments 6,365
TPS40200DR Wide input range non-synchronous buck DC/DC controller Texas Instruments 6,181
TPS5420DR ROHS compliant for environmental sustainability Texas Instruments 3,991
REF02AU/2K5 +5V Voltage Reference Texas Instruments 7,304
LP2951CMX/NOPB LP2951CMX/NOPB regulator with low dropout voltage and RL compatibility Texas Instruments 5,970
UC2843AQD8RQ1 Current Mode PWM Controller 1A 40kHz Automotive 8-Pin SOIC T/R TI 6,052
REF5030AIDR Voltage reference with very low noise and minimal drift Texas Instruments 7,815
TPS54331DR A Voltage Regulator Texas Instruments 5,946
LM358LVIDR 5.5-V voltage range ideal for various circuit designs Texas Instruments 4,949
TLV2186IDR A high-performance operational amplifier with low power consumption Texas Instruments 8,132
LM358BIDR Wide temperature range Texas Instruments 8,088
LM258ADR This versatile 8-pin SOIC package contains two operational amplifiers that are ideal for a wide range of applications Texas Instruments 7,143
LM211DR Strobe-controlled differential comparator Texas Instruments 9,312
TLE2142ID Dual operational amplifier with low power consumption and high frequency capability in a small SOIC-8 package Texas Instruments 7,935
UCC25600DR Resonant Controllers for 400kHz applications in 8-pin SOIC package, supplied in Tape and Reel packaging Texas Instruments 8,584
TPS54232DR High efficiency buck converter Texas Instruments 8,375
OPA2365AQDRQ1 Low-noise amplifier Texas Instruments 5,280
LM193DR Designed for automotive use with reliable performance and durability Texas Instruments 9,225
OPA350UA rail-to-rail single operational amplifier for single-supply applications Texas Instruments 5,974
OPA227U With advanced technology and superior design, the OPA227U delivers unmatched accuracy and minimal background noise Texas Instruments 7,330
OPA2376AIDR Dual operational amplifier offering precision, low noise performance, and low quiescent current Texas Instruments 4,961
TLV5617AID DAC 2-CH Resistor-String 10-bit 8-Pin SOIC Tube TI 5,440
SN65HVD1781DR 1. IC: interface transceiver Texas Instruments 6,411
ISO1541D Ideal for applications requiring isolation between two systems Texas Instruments 5,091
THVD1550DR RS-485 Transceiver Texas Instruments 9,718
TLC3702IDR Push-pull output voltage comparator with dual functionality Texas Instruments 7,644