Part Number Description Brands Inventory Add To Bom
XC4VSX55-11FF1148I Programmable Logic Device AMD 5,705
XC4VLX40-10FFG1148C VLX40-10FFG1148C - Field Programmable Gate Array Xilinx 5,396
XC4VSX55-10FFG1148I FPGA Virtex-4 SX Family with 55296 Cells Xilinx 6,886
XC4VSX55-10FF1148I This FPGA offers advanced programmable logic capabilities, making it suitable for complex hardware acceleration tasks Xilinx 7,755
XC4VLX100-10FFG1148I Contains 786432 bits of memory Xilinx 8,592
XC4VLX80-10FF1148C The XC4VLX80-10FF1148C CPLD/FPGA offers versatile programmability and exceptional performance, making it well-suited for a wide range of applications AMD 6,699
XC4VSX55-11FFG1148I Small Footprint Xilinx 7,910
XC4VLX100-11FFG1148I The XC4VLX100-11FFG1148I FPGA offers high performance and reliability for various digital design projects AMD 7,739
XC4VLX60-10FF1148I This product has a total of 59904 logic cells and 6656 slices for efficient design implementation AMD 7,109
XC4VLX160-11FFG1148I VLX160-11FFG1148I AMD 7,489
XC4VSX55-10FFG1148C XC4VSX55-10FFG1148C is a 55296 6144 FCPBGA-1148(35x35) programmable logic device with ROHS compliance AMD 5,982
XC4VLX80-10FF1148I 1148-BBGA package AMD 7,223
XC4VSX55-12FF1148C Programmable logic device XC4VSX55-12FF1148C AMD 8,614
XC4VSX55-11FFG1148C XC4VSX55-11FFG1148C Xilinx 9,999
XC4VLX40-10FF1148C This FPGA/CPLD is suitable for complex computing tasks, making it ideal for professional and industrial use Xilinx 7,141
XC4VLX80-10FFG1148C French Electronic Distributor since 1988 AMD 6,891
XC4VLX160-10FFG1148C Packed with 16896 FCPBGA-1148 elements Xilinx 6,136
XC4VLX100-12FF1148C XC4VLX100-12FF1148C: 90nm CMOS FPGA with 110592 cells Xilinx 5,790
XC4VLX40-12FFG1148C XC4VLX40-12FFG1148C 41472 4608 FCPBGA-1148(35x35) Programmable Logic Device (CPLDs/FPGAs) ROHS Xilinx 5,700
XC4VLX40-11FFG1148C XC4VLX40-11FFG1148C FPGA - customizable and efficient solution Xilinx 4,368
XC4VLX100-11FFG1148C Versatile XC4VLX100-11FFG1148C FPGA for all needs Xilinx 7,582
XC4VSX55-12FFG1148C XC4VSX55-12FFG1148C: High-capacity FPGA in compact BGA package Xilinx 3,572
XC4VLX40-11FF1148I 41472-Cell capacity Xilinx 4,936
XC4VLX40-10FF1148I XC4VLX40-10FF1148I is the perfect choice for your project Xilinx 2,418
XC4VLX60-10FF1148C XC4VLX60-10FF1148C: A versatile Programmable Logic Device in a compact 35x35 FCPBGA package Xilinx 6,056
XC4VLX40-11FFG1148I XC4VLX40-11FFG1148I FPGA for versatile programming Xilinx 6,923
XC4VLX160-11FF1148I 1148-Pin FCBGA package Xilinx 3,315
XC4VLX160-11FF1148C FPGA XC4VLX160-11FF1148C - Field Programmable Gate Array Xilinx 5,161
XC4VLX80-11FF1148I XC4VLX80-11FF1148I 80640 8960 FCPBGA-1148(35x35) Programmable Logic Device (CPLDs/FPGAs) ROHS Xilinx 7,127
XC4VLX160-10FFG1148I FPGA XC4VLX160-10FFG1148I Xilinx 2,597
XC4VLX160-10FF1148C XC4VLX160-10FF1148C Field Programmable Gate Array Xilinx 2,527
XC4VLX60-11FFG1148C XC4VLX60-11FFG1148C 59904 6656 FCPBGA-1148(35x35) Programmable Logic Device - ROHS Xilinx 5,997
XC4VLX100-11FF1148I FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array XC4VLX100-11FF1148I AMD 9,617
XC4VLX160-12FFG1148C FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array XC4VLX160-12FFG1148C AMD 5,560
XC4VLX60-12FFG1148C FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array XC4VLX60-12FFG1148C Pb-Free AMD 6,552
XC4VLX80-12FF1148C FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array XC4VLX80-12FF1148C AMD 7,657
XC4VSX55-11FF1148C FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array XC4VSX55-11FF1148C AMD 6,361
XC4VSX55-10FF1148C FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array XC4VSX55-10FF1148C AMD 9,201