Part Number Description Brands Inventory Add To Bom
R1LP0408DSB-5SI#B1 Innovative 4Mb Low Power TSOP Memory Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,860
STK14C88-NF45 The STK14C88-NF45 is designed with a 32-Pin SOIC Tube packaging Infineon Technologies 6,124
STK14C88-3NF35I Operating voltage range of 3.0 to 3.6 volts Infineon Technologies 7,704
R1LP0108ESN-5SI#B0 128k word x 8bit Memory Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,008
MSL2041GU The MSL2041GU LED lighting driver offers seamless control and customization options for a truly dynamic lighting experience Microchip Technology 9,865
CPC5622A Telecom Interface ICs LITELINK III Phone Line Int IC IXYS Integrated Circuits Division 5,060
CPC5621ATR IC-5621 LITELINK III PHONE LINE INTERFACE SOIC32 IXYS Integrated Circuits Division 8,431
CLRC63201T/0FE,112 The CLRC63201T/0FE,112 is a versatile multi-protocol reader solution designed for various applications NXP USA Inc. 5,029
CY14B101LA-SZ25XI Model number: CY14B101LA-SZ25XI Infineon Technologies 6,009
CY14B101LA-SZ45XI CY14B101LA-SZ45XI is a non-volatile SRAM with a capacity of 128KX8 and a speed of 45ns, designed with CMOS technology and packaged in PDSO32 Infineon Technologies 6,553
CY14B256LA-SZ45XI 256 Kb Density Nonvolatile SRAM in SOP-32 package, meets RoHS requirements Infineon Technologies 6,509
CY14B256LA-SZ25XI CY14B256LA-SZ25XI is a RoHS compliant SRAM memory module in SOIC-32-300mil packaging." Infineon Technologies 8,605
CY14E256LA-SZ45XI 32Kx8 Memory Chip Infineon Technologies 5,223
CY14E256LA-SZ25XI High-speed static random-access memory (SRAM) with Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC) package containing 32 pins spaced 300 mil apart Cypress Semiconductor Corp 6,032
CY62128ELL-45SXI SRAM Chip Async Single 5V 1M-bit 128K x 8 45ns 32-Pin SOIC Tube Cypress Semiconductor Corp 6,111
CY62128ELL-45SXIT M-bit capacity and 128K x 8 configuration Infineon Technologies 8,454
CY62128EV30LL-45SXI Product description: SOIC-32 SRAM ROHS CY62128EV30LL-45SXI Infineon Technologies 8,055
CY62148ELL-55SXI Packaged in 32-Pin SOIC Tray Infineon Technologies 9,999
CY7C53120E2-10SXI CY7C53120E2-10SXI Infineon Technologies 7,183
CY7C53120E4-40SXI 16-Bit 0.35um 40MHz 32-Pin SOIC Infineon Technologies 8,025
MFRC50001T/0FE,112 NFC/RFID Tags & Transponders MIFARE READER NXP USA Inc. 5,955
R1LP0408CSP-7LC#B0 Electronic distributor Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,636
R1LV0408DSB-5SI#B0 High-speed 4Mbit Parallel SRAM Memory Integrated Circuit Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,291
R1LP0408CSP-5SI#B0 55ns 4M-bit 512K x 8 Single 5V SRAM Chip Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,876
CY7C1019DV33-10ZSXIT High-speed 1Mb SRAM chip with 128Kx8 configuration and low voltage operation Cypress Semiconductor Corp 9,902
R1LP0408DSP-7SI#B0 32-Pin SOP Tube SRAM Chip Async Single 5V 4M-bit 512K x 8 70ns Renesas 9,083
CY62148ELL-55SXIT SRAM Chip Async Single 5V 4M-bit 512K x 8 55ns 32-Pin SOIC T/R Infineon Technologies 9,256
CY14B256LA-SZ45XIT Non-volatile static RAM Infineon Technologies 8,280
MFRC53001T/0FE,112 Product Description: NFC/RFID Read/Write 13.56MHz 32-Pin SO Bulk - MFRC53001T/0FE,112 NXP USA Inc. 9,848
CY62128BLL-70SC Asynchronous Memory IC Infineon 5,935
RMLV0408EGSP-4S2#CA1 SRAM ROHS SOP-32-11.3mm Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,399
RMLV0408EGSB-4S2#AA1 512-kiloword x 8-bit configuration Renesas 8,765
R1LP0408DSP-5SI#B0 12K x 8 configuration with 55ns access time for 4M-bit SRAM chip Renesas Electronics 9,925
R1LP0108ESN-5SI#B1 Stored in a tube packaging for protection, this chip is ready for secure shipment." Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,849
TDA8933T TDA8933T audio amplifier delivering 2X10W output NXP USA Inc. 7,748
CY62148BLL-70SC Asynchronous memory Infineon Technologies 5,063
CY62128BLL-70SXC This product is an Asynchronous Memory IC with a capacity of 1Mbit, operating in parallel and featuring a 70 ns access time Infineon Technologies 9,693
MFRC500 Effortlessly grant or deny access with MFRCs advanced contactless RFID features NXP USA Inc. 6,546
R1LP0408DSB-5SI#B0 SRAM ROHS TSOPII-32 R1LP0408DSB-5SI#B0 Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,186
MC33972TEWR2 Multiple Switch Detection Interface with Suppressed Wake-Up Automotive AEC-Q100 32-Pin SOIC W T/R NXP 7,840
R1LP0408DSB-7SI#B0 Effortlessly manage data-intensive applications with this high-performance memory module Renesas 2,740
R1LV0108ESP-7SR#B0 A high-quality SOP- SRAM module with ROHS compliance for reliable performance Renesas 7,255
R1EV5801MBSDRDI#B0 This product features a unique Ready/Busy status indicator and RES function, ensuring seamless integration with your syste Renesas 7,143
R1LV0108ESN-7SR#B0 Streamline your data processing tasks by utilizing the parallel architecture and rapid access capabilities of this reliable SRAM chip Renesas 6,716
IS61WV1288EEBLL-8TLI Ideal for parallel processing applications Issi, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 5,646
IS62WV5128EALL-55T2LI-TR High-speed SRAM IC with 4Mbit memory capacity Issi, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 2,782
AS7C31025C-12TIN Compact TSOPII-32-10.2mm design for space-saving Alliance Memory, Inc. 6,285
IDT71V124HSA12PH8 Unlock the full potential of your digital designs by incorporating the IDTVSAPH- a premium asynchronous SRAM chip that excels in data storage Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,599
IDT71V124HSA10PH Experience fast and reliable data storage with IDT71V124HSA10PH Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,901
M5M51008DFP-55H#BT Get reliable performance with M5M51008DFP-55H#BT SRAM Renesas Electronics Corporation 3,611