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Broadcom Limited

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Broadcom Limited is a global technology company that designs and manufactures semiconductors and infrastructure software. It's worth noting that the information might have changed, and it's recommended to check more recent sources for the latest updates. Broadcom has been involved in various aspects of the technology industry, and its product portfolio includes a wide range of semiconductor solutions. Some key areas of focus and products associated with Broadcom include:

  1. Semiconductors: Broadcom produces a diverse range of semiconductor products, including integrated circuits (ICs) for applications in networking, wireless communication, broadband, storage, and industrial markets.

  2. Networking Solutions: Broadcom is a major player in the networking industry, providing networking hardware and solutions for data centers, enterprise networking, and telecommunications. This includes Ethernet switches, network processors, and other networking-related components.

  3. Wireless Communications: Broadcom has been involved in wireless communication technologies, including wireless connectivity solutions for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. This includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips.

  4. Broadband and Cable Technologies: Broadcom supplies products related to broadband access, cable set-top boxes, and cable modems. This includes semiconductor solutions for cable and satellite television.

  5. Storage Solutions: Broadcom offers semiconductor solutions for storage applications, including RAID controllers, storage adapters, and other storage-related components.

  6. Infrastructure Software: In addition to hardware, Broadcom provides infrastructure software solutions, including security software, mainframe software, and automation software.