Zener Diodes

Zener Diodes are special diodes designed to operate in the breakdown region, allowing them to maintain a nearly constant voltage across their terminals when operated in reverse bias. These diodes are widely used as voltage regulators, providing a stable and precise voltage reference in electronic circuits. The key characteristic of Zener Diodes is their ability to regulate voltage, making them essential components in various applications, including power supplies, voltage regulators, and signal conditioning circuits.
Zener Diodes possess key characteristics that make them valuable components in electronic circuits. They excel in voltage regulation by maintaining a constant voltage (Zener voltage) in reverse bias, ensuring stability despite input voltage or load fluctuations. Engineered for reliable operation in the breakdown region, Zener Diodes exhibit precision as voltage references, contributing to stable output voltage. They achieve breakdown through avalanche or Zener breakdown, offering flexibility in diode selection based on application requirements. With the ability to limit current when paired with a series resistor, Zener Diodes act as simple voltage regulators. Their primary functions include voltage regulation, serving as voltage references, providing overvoltage protection, acting in signal clipping for amplitude limitation, and contributing to noise reduction in electronic circuits.
Xecor offers a diverse range of Zener Diodes from reputable manufacturers such as ON Semiconductor, Vishay, Diodes Incorporated, NXP Semiconductors, and Fairchild Semiconductor. Explore our inventory today and experience the voltage stability that Zener Diodes from Xecor bring to your projects. 

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