Power Management ICs

Power Management ICs (PMICs) are essential components in electronic devices designed to manage and regulate electrical power throughout a system efficiently. These ICs play a pivotal role in optimizing energy usage, enhancing overall performance, and extending the lifespan of electronic devices. The function of Power Management ICs encompasses a range of tasks crucial for power control and distribution. The primary functions of Power Management ICs include voltage regulation, power conversion, and energy efficiency optimization. Voltage regulation ensures that the various components within an electronic system receive a stable and appropriate voltage, preventing damage and ensuring reliable operation. Power conversion involves transforming electrical power between different voltage levels or forms, facilitating compatibility between components.

Power Management ICs are also responsible for implementing energy-saving features such as power gating, where certain sections of a device can be powered down when not in use, reducing overall power consumption. Additionally, these ICs often incorporate overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and thermal management to safeguard electronic devices from potential damage due to power-related issues. In summary, Power Management ICs are the backbone for efficient energy utilization in electronic systems, contributing to improved device performance, reliability, and longevity.

Xecor's extensive inventory features high-quality PMICs from top manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Maxim Integrated, STMicroelectronics, and ON Semiconductor. At Xecor, we prioritize efficiency, reliability, and innovation, offering a comprehensive selection of Power Management ICs designed to optimize energy usage and enhance the performance of electronic systems. Elevate your projects with our cutting-edge solutions and trust Xecor as your go-to partner for superior Power Management ICs.

  • Product Categories
  • LT1529IQ-5

    ADI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    LT1529 - 3A Low Dropout Regulators with Micropower Quiescent Current and Shutdown; Package: DD PAK; Pins: 5; Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C


  • A4975SLBTR-T

    Allegro MicroSystems Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Stepper Motor Controller, PDSO16, SOIC-16


  • A6841SA-T

    Allegro MicroSystems Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    SIPO Based Peripheral Driver, 8 Driver, CMOS, PDIP18, LEAD FREE, PLASTIC, MS-001AC, DIP-18


  • LT1076CT

    Linear Technology Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    LT1076 - Step-Down Switching Regulator; Package: TO-220; Pins: 5; Temperature Range: 0°C to 70°C


  • UDN2987A-6-T

    Allegro MicroSystems Cargo cycle 3~7 Days



  • UDN2987LWTR-6-T

    Allegro MicroSystems Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Buffer/Inverter Based Peripheral Driver, 8 Driver, 0.35A, BIPolar, PDSO20, LEAD FREE, PLASTIC, MS-013AC, SOIC-20


  • LT1764AEQ

    ADI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days



  • LM399H

    ADI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Two Terminal Voltage Reference, 1 Output, 6.95V, Trim/Adjustable, BIPolar, MBCY4


  • A6276ELWTR-T

    Allegro MicroSystems Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    LED Driver, 16-Segment, BICMOS, PDSO24, LEAD FREE, MS-130AD, SOIC-24


  • A3953SB-T

    Allegro MicroSystems Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Stepper Motor Controller, 1.3A, BIPolar, PDIP16, LEAD FREE, PLASTIC,MS-001BB, DIP-16