Operational Amplifiers

Operational Amplifiers (Op-Amps) are essential electronic integrated circuits designed to amplify and process analog signals with high precision. These versatile components have two input terminals (inverting and non-inverting) and an output terminal. They are often used in various configurations to perform analog signal processing functions. The primary functions of operational amplifiers include amplification, inverting and non-inverting amplification, summing and subtraction, integration and differentiation, voltage converters, active filters, and feedback control.

Op-Amps play a central role in analog electronics due to their versatility and ability to perform many signal-processing functions. Xecor offers a comprehensive inventory of high-quality Operational Amplifiers from leading manufacturers, ensuring top-tier performance for your electronic designs.

Xecor provides high-quality Op-Amps from top manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Maxim Integrated, STMicroelectronics, and ON Semiconductor. At Xecor, we prioritize precision and versatility, offering a comprehensive selection of Operational Amplifiers designed to cater to electronic systems' diverse signal-processing needs. Whether you're searching for amplification solutions, active filters, or voltage comparators, Xecor is your trusted partner for superior Op-Amps. Elevate your electronic projects with our top-tier Operational Amplifiers, where performance meets precision. Explore our inventory and discover the perfect Op-Amp for your next application.

  • Product Categories
  • OPA2228U

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Dual, wide bandwidth, high precision, low noise operational amplifiers


  • OPA656U

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Wideband, Unity Gain Stable FET-Input Operational Amplifier


  • LM358MX

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Dual, 32-V, 1-MHz op amp


  • LM2904LVQDRQ1

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Automotive-grade, dual, 5.5-V, 1-MHz, 3-mV offset voltage operational amplifier


  • TL062CDR

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Dual, 30-V, 1-MHz, In to V+, JFET-input operational amplifier


  • TL072IDR

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Dual, 30-V, 3-MHz, high slew rate (13-V/µs), In to V+, JFET-input op amp


  • TLE2142ID

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Dual Low-Noise High-Speed Precision Operational Amplifier


  • TLC272CDR

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Dual, 16-V, 2-MHz, In to V- operational amplifier


  • OPA2703UA

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Dual, 12-V, 1-MHz operational amplifier


  • SA5534AD

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Quad, 30-V, 10-MHz, low noise (6-nV/√Hz max) audio op amp with -40°C to 85°C operation