Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition, often abbreviated as DAQ, refers to the process of collecting, measuring, and analyzing physical signals or data from the real world to convert it into a format that can be understood and utilized by a computer or data processing system. This involves using specialized hardware and software components to gather information from various sensors, instruments, or devices and convert it into digital data for analysis and interpretation.
Data Acquisition (DAQ) systems exhibit key characteristics and functions essential for gathering and processing data across diverse applications. They incorporate signal conditioning to modify raw analog signals, ensuring accuracy through amplification and filtering. The primary function involves Analog-to-Digital Conversion (ADC), converting continuous analog signals into discrete digital signals crucial for computer processing. Multiplexing allows monitoring multiple signals by switching between different input channels. Sampling at specific intervals creates a digital representation, with the sampling frequency determining data accuracy. DAQ systems may include data logging for continuous monitoring and recording, which is beneficial for environmental monitoring, industrial automation, and scientific research. Some offer real-time monitoring capabilities, enabling immediate observation and analysis of collected data. Designed for compatibility with various sensors and instruments, DAQ systems find applications in industrial automation, scientific research fields like physics and biology, test and measurement for quality assurance, environmental monitoring, and healthcare settings for patient data monitoring and research purposes.
Xecor offers diverse Data Acquisition components, including modules, converters, and interfaces, sourced from top manufacturers such as National Instruments, ADI, Maxim Integrated, and more. Explore our inventory today to harness the precision, flexibility, and reliability that Data Acquisition solutions from Xecor bring to your projects.

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  • TPL0401A-10DCKR

    TI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    128-tap single-channel digital potentiometer (digipot) with I2C interface (address 0101110) 6-SC70 -40 to 125


  • TLV320ADC3101IRGER

    TI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    92-dB SNR low-power stereo ADC with digital microphone support and miniDSP 24-VQFN -40 to 85



    TI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    8-Bit, 189kSPS, 1-Ch SAR ADC with I2C and Alert Pin 6-SOT-23-THIN -40 to 105


  • TLA2024IRUGR

    TI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    12-bit, 4-channel, delta-sigma ADC with voltage reference, oscillator, PGA and I2C 10-X2QFN -40 to 85


  • DAC7611P

    TI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    12-Bit Serial Input Digital-To-Analog Converter 8-PDIP -40 to 85


  • DAC7311IDCKR

    TI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    12-bit, single-channel, ultra-low power DAC in 6-pin SC70 package for battery powered applications 6-SC70 -40 to 125



    TI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    8-Bit Micro Power Digital-to-Analog Converter with an I2C-Compatible Interface 6-SOT-23-THIN -40 to 125


  • ADS1255IDBR

    TI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    24-Bit, 30kSPS, Very-Low-Noise Delta-Sigma ADC 20-SSOP -40 to 85


  • ADC0844CCJ

    TI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days



  • TLC1549CP

    TI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    10-Bit, 38 kSPS ADC Serial Out, On-Chip System Clock, Single Ch. 8-PDIP