Clock and Timing ICs (Integrated Circuits) are specialized electronic components designed to generate, distribute, and manage clock signals within electronic systems. The function of these ICs is crucial for synchronizing the operation of various components and ensuring precise timing in a wide range of applications. The primary functions of Clock and Timing ICs include clock generation, frequency synthesis, clock distribution, clock buffering, phase-locked loops (plls), clock recovery, and delay adjustment.

These functions are critical in applications such as microprocessors, communication systems, data storage, and networking equipment, where accurate timing and synchronization are essential for optimal performance. Xecor offers a comprehensive inventory of high-quality Clock and Timing ICs sourced from top manufacturers, providing reliable solutions for your timing requirements in electronic designs.

Xecor provides high-quality Clock & Timing ICs from top manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, Silicon Labs, Maxim Integrated, Analog Devices, and STMicroelectronics. At Xecor, we prioritize precision and reliability, offering a comprehensive selection of Clock & Timing ICs designed to cater to the diverse timing needs of electronic systems. Whether searching for clock generators, PLLs, or other timing solutions, Xecor is your trusted partner for superior components. Elevate your electronic projects with our top-tier Clock & Timing ICs, where accuracy meets performance. Explore our inventory and discover the perfect timing solution for your next application.

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  • SY89832UMG

    Microchip Technology Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Clock Ic Type:Clock Divider, Fanout Buffer; Frequency:2.5Ghz; No. Of Outputs:4Outputs; Supply Voltage Min:2.375V; Supply Voltage Max:2.325V; Clock Ic Case Style:Mlf; No. Of Pins:16Pins; Operating Temperature Min:-40°C Rohs Compliant: Yes |Microchip SY89832UMG.


  • LTC6957IMS-2#PBF

    Analog Devices Inc. Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Clock Buffer Low Phase Noise, Dual Output Buffer/Driver/Logic Converter with LVDS Outputs


  • DS1339U-33+

    Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    RTC, SERIAL I2C, SMD, 1339, MSOP8; Date Format: Day; Date; Month; Year; Clock Format: ss: mm: hh; Clock IC Type: RTC; Supply Voltage Min: 2.97V; Supply Voltage Max: 5.5V; Clock IC Case Style: MSOP; No. of Pins: 8Pins; IC Interface Type: I2C, Serial; Operating Temperature Min: -40°C; Operating Temperature Max: 85°C; Product Range: -; Automotive Qualification Standard: -; RoHS Phthalates Compliant: To Be Advised; MSL: MSL 1 - Unlimited; SVHC: No SVHC (15-Jun-2015); Clock Frequency: 0.032768MHz; IC Case Style: MSOP; IC Generic Number: 1339; IC Temperature Range: Industrial; No. of Outputs: 1Outputs; Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C; RTC Features: Square-Wave Output; Supply Voltage Range: 2.97V to 5.5V; Termination Type: Surface Mount Device


  • PI6C20400LE

    Diodes Incorporated Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    PLL Based Clock Driver, 6C Series, 4 True Output(s), 0 Inverted Output(s), PDSO28, TSSOP-28


  • SI52142-A01AGM

    Skyworks Solutions Inc. Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Clock Generators & Support Products 2-output PCIe Gen 1/2/3 clock generatorwith 25 MHz reference



    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    TEXAS INSTRUMENTS - CDCLVC1102PWR - Clock Buffer, 250MHz, 2.3V to 3.6V, 2 Outputs, TSSOP-8


  • CDCV304PW

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Clock Fanout Buffer 4-OUT 1-IN 1:48-Pin TSSOP Tube


  • LMK00334RTVR

    ti Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    4-output PCIe® Gen1/Gen2/Gen3/Gen4/Gen5 clock buffer and level translator


  • LTC6908IS6-1

    ADI Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    CMOS Output Clock Oscillator, 0.05MHz Min, 10MHz Max


  • AB1805-T3

    Abracon LLC Cargo cycle 3~7 Days

    Real Time Clock, Non-Volatile, 1 Timer(s), CMOS, 3 X 3 MM, 0.90 MM HEIGHT, ROHS COMPLIANT, QFN-16